The Poured Pure Process

Here at Poured Pure we are proud to say all of our “art pours” are individually casted and shaped by our silversmiths. We use an old fashioned form of casting, commonly known as sand casting. We do not use 3D printers, graphite molds, wax/investment casting, rock tumblers, or advanced machinery for ANY of our art pours. All of our art pours are 100% hand casted, carved, shaped, and polished by our silversmiths. 

We do not cut any corners or take the easy road with any of our pieces; each and every step we take during production has the sole intention of giving you the best possible piece. Every piece we produce undergoes hours of shaping, polishing, and inspection before they are released to our valued supporters. 

Poured Pure Fine Silver art pours double as valuable .999 fine silver and gorgeous fine arts.

          This isn't just any ordinary silver company.
        Poured Pure Fine Silver is much more.
     Mass produced by millions every year? No.
 Hand poured and crafted at limited quantities? Yes.
Same boring pour with every purchase? No.
Completely unique leaving no two pours the same? Yes.
Produced in a foreign factory? No.
Crafted by a family right here in the USA? Yes.
Investment/wax casting? No.
  Hand casted and shaped? Yes.