The Poured Pure Fine Silver Family

Being a high-school student during quarantine, I was presented with the opportunity to work more consistently with my dad, a tile setter. Working with him, I was finally able to witness first hand how hard of a worker my dad is. Everyday I went to work with him I saw a man who does everything in his power to provide for his family. I saw a man who went to work everyday no matter how bad his back, knees, or wrist hurt. As much as I was inspired, I was also heartbroken, all I wanted to do was thank my dad for all he’s done for our family. After weeks and weeks of careful consideration I sat my dad down and said, “Dad, we should start a silver pouring business. We love silver, we’re definitely not the only ones. You've always been a natural artist, it's perfect!” On that day my dad was no longer Jordan the tile setter, he is now Jordan the silversmith. Slowly but surely my mom became our “licensing and legal coordinator”, my sister the “head of packaging”, and myself, the “general manager”. After all of our hard work I am proud to say, at just 16, I am able to get my dad off his hands and knees, run a true family business, and share beautiful silver art with all of you.